1. 20 years of experience.  We know who makes the very best Recycled Cartridges!
  2. Save tons of money!  Why spend twice as much for the same quality?
  3. Environmentally sensible!  Remanufactured products have been recycled…that’s one less empty in land fills! New printer cartridges take 450 years to decompose in landfills.
  4. Premium Brand “ReMade in America” promotes American Jobs!  Costs a little more than the Value Brand, but still up to 50% off Printer Brand pricing!


  1. The Printer Brands hate us, and hate that you want to use our products, so they will try and scare you.  Sometimes when you put in your equally bodacious Value Brand or Premium Brand Cartridge you’ll get an error message telling you it’s not the original brand for your machine.  All you have to do is click “ok” and it’ll be gone!  It may happen again, (you have to admire their tenacity) but just laugh it off, think of all you can do with the enormous amounts of money you’ve saved, and click “ok” again…Simple!